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Design deployment workflow that fits you and make R your primary data science platform.

Install R Suite™
Install RSuite package
Execute following code in your R environment to install latest released R Suite™ version
> install.packages('RSuite', repo = c(options('repos'), ''))
Development version
R Suite™ sources are publicly available. Please, visit our Github repository if you would like to get it's source codes, build it yourself or adapt it to your specific needs.
To install development version of R Suite™ from GitHub execute following code in your R environment

> devtools::install_github('WLOGSolutions/RSuite/packages/RSuite')
R Suite™ change log
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Download R Suite™ CLI
Download installer for Windows:
Download installer for Linux:
R Suite™ CLI change log
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Articles & Tutorials
Reproducible research with R Suite™.

Basic R Suite™ usage for everyone.

Large scale R software development

Advanced usage for teams that create large scale solutions using R language.

R in Enterprise

R Suite™ deployment scenarios for Enterprise.

Contact us
R Suite™ was created by WLOG Solutions company.
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