The most complete R development and data science platform.

R Suite™ is an R package which together with R Suite™ CLI tool enables you to design deployment workflow that fits you and make R your primary data science platform.

R Suite™ Key Points
Open source with Enteprise support.
Designed to separate business, infrastructural and domain logic
Full control over development, test and production environments
Isolated reproducible projects with controlled dependencies and configuration.
Fully traceable deployment process implementation
Code and dependency version control
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Reproducible research with R Suite™.

Basic R Suite™ usage for everyone.

Large scale R software development

Advanced usage for teams that create large scale solutions using R language.

R in Enterprise

R Suite™ deployment scenarios for Enterprise.

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R Suite™ CLI
R Suite™ CLI
Command line interface for R Suite™ to manage R projects and repositories. It allows you to fully control development cycle, preparing deployment packages and manage your local CRAN-like repositories.

R Suite™ CLI is supported for
Windows (x64/x86)
Mac OS
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